Monday, 25 February 2013

The All Thrills No Frills Music Bill paper music fanzine - issue two now ready to buy!

Issue #2 of The All Thrills No Frills independent music fanzine is now published! It is to be found for sale over at Etsy, else you can get in touch and Paypal me the £2.50 including postage to the UK, or get in touch if overseas. There is a slight increase in cost due to extortionate photocopying costs now, and due to the cover being coloured paper.

Featured in this issue:

* Interview with Amelia Fletcher and her band Tender Trap with in depth article on Marine Research/Tender Trap. Also, new Tender Trap album Ten Songs about Girls.
**The return of Tilly and The Wall.
***The seven inch singles of Pullover
****Brian Jonestown Massacre live
*****Records recently bought: Altered Images, This Mortal Coil, John Foxx, and Teenagers in Tokyo.
******The Chameleons live at Camden Palace VHS tape review
*******Edwyn Collins's TV show, West Heath Yard
********Female exclusion/abuse within music (including getting attacked at gigs)
*********1990s compilation tapes and 1990s music culture
**********Anti anti-pop consortium!
***********Loads of silly anecdotes/satire about bands/singers
************Recent favourite record shops
*************Mix CD listings


****************Luke Haines's cat !

All written with heart and passion, not like freely available mainstream music magazines - and much more easy to access/portable than blogs and books if you're travelling!

Soon to be available in various independent music shops and other likely places, when I get round to it.

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