Thursday, 28 February 2013

Robyn Hitchcock's nearly-60th birthday gig tonight!

Listening to choice songs off each of the Robyn Hitchcock albums that I own, in anticipation of tonight's special gig. He'll be playing a song off every album he's released (not sure if that'll include Soft Boys or not). It's Robyn Hitchcock's pre-60th birthday celebrations.

Really, really hope for opener of The Man Who Invented Himself - seems apt! I am still yet to complete my collection (which is fine by me and really nice actually, as I still have stuff to look forward to), but out of what I do own, I would hope for a setlist including:

The Man Who Invented Himseelf
Sounds Great When You're
Dead Balloon Man
Linctus House (or Queen Elvis)
So You Think You're in Love
Full Moon in My Soul
Adventure Rocket Ship (or NY Doll)
Falling (or Saturday Groovers, with its 'I heard you cleaned your act up, you old trout' lyric)
August in Hammersmith (or Light Blue Afternoon)

It would be so excellent if I got to hear So You Think You're in Lovelive, finally, as it works best live, as this brilliant old American TV clip will demonstrate....

I would also hope for a throwing in of I Saw Nick Drake, as it is so tender - or the most lyrically superb achievement of his career to me - 1974, though I'm incredulous to realise that they both were outtakes and not on an official album, I forgot that. And now I am reminded that I still have even more Robyn Hitchcock material to discover and buy, even though I have so much. I hope there's a record stall at the gig.
Shall pack a few copies of the fanzine, with my in depth Robyn Hitchcock interview and articles in, in case I come across anyone who wants to buy one. Edit: ah but I just reremembered the songs won't be played in year or album order - shall be a very interesting evening!

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