Friday, 16 November 2012

Now stocked in Housmans book shop, Kings Cross

The amazing radical, independent book shop Housmans now has stock of The All Thrills No Frills Music Bill, main issue #1 !

Such friendly, supportive staff, who were so glad to stock my fanzines.

It's a wonderful resource, completely unique - primarily political/social history books, but also covering many other topics. I was impressed by a brilliant stock of writing about London (I picked up Iain Sinclair's excellent psychogeography novel, Ghost Milk, which celebrates a vanishing London - the lay of the land, the architecture, the shift in how it is as a city since the swathes of dramatic, disgusting gentrification), and there are all sorts of off-kilter magazines, pamphlets, and posters/flyers, badges, DVDs, hand-made greetings cards, and so on, in too.

The £1 book sale / bargain basement are also a joy for those with modest incomes. I bought a book that evokes George Orwell's Road to Wigan Pier, only it covers 1980s life for the underclasses.

Go to Housmans, support independent book shops!

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