Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Another of my CD racks has collapsed. I had to smile to see that the Chris Morris album landed face up and was looking up at me (from the stack of stuff that was balanced on top of the shelf). It's not really amusing though - I wish I knew a carpenter. I wish I knew carpentry! I seriously want to learn. I want to be able to build my own super-shelf. The age of flimsy, shitty flat-pack furniture. I can't even afford that at the moment.

Best thing I have turned into a CD shelf - a wooden vintage wine box that some fool was throwing away. I also rescued this huge white shelf with all different compartments to it that someone has left up for grabs in the street - it's perfectly sized for LPs, then DVDs underneath. I'm very John Peel about my music collection. One day I want a special room just for it. I'm also a geek for filing, and keeping things nice, neat, ordered. It actually fills me with huge lament that my collection has to lie strewn in an out of order mess, all chaotic and unloved, until I can sort out a better shelving arrangement. I did see a lovely handpainted wooden shelf in a junk shop in Greenwich - but I didn't dare attempt to wield it on any train.
Anyway, points for shouting out the albums you can recognise. More points for recommending affordable decent shelving. Even more points for volunteering your carpentry skills...
Currently listening to a handmade compilation tape that I bought for a few pence. And it turns out I like This Mortal Coil. Or at least, I like the song 16 Days. Also enjoying hearing the full version of Is This the Life by Cardiacs. You know, I had bought the single on 12 inch vinyl, from someone's front garden sale in Hampstead (bizarrely came across it one afternoon a few years ago), only I left it at someone's place and their cleaner has thrown it out - or is a secret fan, hmm.

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