Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Laetitia Sadier, Islington Union Chapel, 19th October, 2013

Holy wonderful beautiful to have Laetitia Sadier come and play at Union Chapel in Islington on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure if she resides in London or came all the way from France, but she is formerly of electronic act Stereolab, in case you don't know, and it was a total joy for her to be performing here. Her voice soars and plays around so magically, melodic, swirly, entrancing. Hearing her solo songs with just her voice and her electric guitar so sparse, so uplifting, was really something special.

Laetitia was politically outspoken throughout the short, low-key set, which surprised and interested me - I must say, I am not overly familiar with her work beyond the obviously known Emperor Tomato Ketchup (though I did get an older Stereolab album as from the gig, as there was a superb merchandise stall). I think she must be quite thrilling to talk to, so perhaps a future interview may lie in store some time soon when we are feeling more settled down to doing the paper fanzine again!

It was really moving to have Laetitia dedicate a song to the late Trisha Keenan, singer of electronic act - and Stereolab's contemporaries - Broadcast, too.

Details of future Daylight Savings gigs on Saturday afternoons (they're free, and always great!), here:

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