Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mix tape heaven - literally!

I've just been poring over stacks and stacks of somebody's old compilation tapes! They were in the bargain box outside a shop. Yellowing pen ink, italic handwriting, themes, puns, and me unable to contain myself from proclaiming: Mega City Four! See See Rider! Ride! The Cure! Julian Cope! Birdland! Also umming curiously - Young Gods, Tim Pope, Fuzztones, Therapy?, Pet Shop Boys. Never Enough by The Cure seems a favourite. I love the perfect tryptich of - Now They'll Sleep by Belly / Leave them All Behind by Ride / Treason by Teardrop Explodes! I am an absolute romantic about this sort of thing. So ecstatic to unearth and have access to such stuff - it's personal. Somehow I knew it was a male who had made the tapes, and I proved right. I can't wait to listen to all this and write more on this topic! I am also curious about the Pixies mix versus what Pixies mix someone made me about eleven years ago. I love music fandom!

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