Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Town Bike

Town Bike are my new favourite band!


I saw them playing on the same bill as Tender Trap, at the Buffalo Bar, recently, and they were fab! Seeing them play live, and hearing their lovely Merseyside tones, I really want to go and have some more musical adventures in Liverpool, as it's been years since I went there!

There shall be a gig write up about Town Bike (and Tender Trap!) in the new mini issue of the paper version of The All Thrills No Frills Music Bill. I am literally just putting the finishing touches to it all! More news on here soon!

Back to Town Bike. They are wonderful punk pop, of the sort that I used to sing along to in 90s indie radio/bedroom/homework land. I love that the singer has a professional pop sounding voice that is also sugary fun and rides atop frantic indie punk guitar rock.

They have a song with an addictive chorus about how 'you fucking broke my bastard heart!' - it's sung with such sweetness and light, innocent as well as sweary, I love how it sounds. You can still download it for free.


Shamefully, I have only just woken up to the neatness of Band Camp. On one page, you can find a new band and listen to and/or download their discography (usually for a small cost), and you've got photos of the band, and upcoming gig listings on there too. So useful! Myspace didn't quite do it as well, I like this kind of site a lot. I will mainly be listening, then buying the physical music, as I don't rely on downloaded music very much and prefer records in my house!

Anyway, once again, I love Town Bike! Come back to London again very bloody bastard soon (as they say!).

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