Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Madame So @ The Islington, 13 June 2017

From the incredible Madame So - Solange, singing solo and acoustic at The Islington last night.
Any fears Solange expressed about the acoustic format were exploded, as her voice is as almighty powerful without her electric band backing her. It's in the way she plays with wordless sounds as well as her detailed, emotive, intelligent lyrics. There's conviction and a sense of release, not just simple anger.

Solange wants us to take notice, her strong and personal delivery commands it constantly, as her songs offer something that's missing from music - a meaningfulness that's so often lacking. Backed with a plugged-in rhythm section her songs rock the place but it's no less so when you focus on how and what she delivers vocally.

When she breaks into "anything you want, I got it!" you can feel her self-belief in her music, and the cover version tagged along to one of her own songs sits perfectly - she's shouting it now, demanding we absorb not only her attention but also her sheer confidence and passion.

This is songwriting that will go far, far beyond tonight's pub backroom. Solange's presence and performance scream out superstar in all the best ways.

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