Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Loom, by Fear of Men (on tape)

This burning, bright red cassette is my latest treasure. I feel glad to still own the means to play tapes. With this Fear of Men album I'm reminded of certain 4AD bands but without the faux nostalgia/dreaming of older times... This is music that feels very new and of itself despite any subtle signs of influences.

I saw Fear Of Men playing as support when Dignan Porch released their album a couple of years ago. I remember Fear Of Men creating a heavy, fuzzy sound, so Loom surprises me with its softness and gently ethereal sounds, especially the vocals. Some of these songs have more of a singer/songwriter feel to them, stripped back, simple and not sounding so much like a full band. There is an incredible atmosphere to the songs, as well, though. This is really dreamy, hazy, swirling stuff, but not so much about layers as there's a sense of quiet that lets the songs breathe. Somehow, with Loom, I'm suddenly transported to a quiet, secret woodland haven.

I love Jess Weiss's voice, in particular. It seems to me it is not coming from someone who is overly conscious of the act of singing or being a singer/aspiring star, and nor is it striving as such, but remains very natural and clear, in a subtle but strong way. I really look forward to more gigs by Fear of Men, now, and getting caught up in their dreamy world.

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