Saturday, 5 January 2013

Record fair fun

Thank you to the guys at my local record fair for buying up some of my 'zines to sell! I'm grateful for the enthusiasm and encouragement. It also lent opportunity for a nice chat about one of my favourite musicians (a customer of theirs, I am gladdened to hear). And I may even get a stall at some point, to sell my many different music 'zines and a small selection of records. I'm lucky to have regular record fair within easy reach. If you're interested in going along and you're in the London area, Soundbite Record Fairs dates are listed online. Just playing one of my purchases now - thought I was having a John Peel moment with the record speed, but Claire Grogan's voice really does sound like that - even higher and more child-like than I remember! I also got a cracking looking Clash bootleg DVD, with live and TV performances to go with the stack of others I have amassed in time! Nice to see bootlegs (CDs too) available here, as you don't tend to get them much - well, not since so many market stalls and stuff have had to close down. There was a brilliant one in my hometown, I've still got the Cure one I got there, bought so many old tapes/CDs from that stall as a teen, it introduced me to so much music, sad it's gone.

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