Sunday, 20 September 2015

In anticipation of my first Morrissey concert

It's not that I stand by every word this man could ever utter ‐ nor that I could forgive him anything... It's the songs, and it's his voice, and how ‐ even to this day  he can be a saviour of sorts*.

That it's taken me 20 years to be going to see Morrissey in concert I can't begin to explain, but nonetheless I am excited. And it's his solo work I want to hear. I've gradually concluded that his voice became deeper, stronger, at its best after The Smiths. There is such a wealth of work, and maybe his lyrics and song subjects became more varied, and those unique and overwhelmingly great and fascinating melodies are rife.

World Peace is None of Your Business is an anthem for these times, so I'd hope for either that song as powerful opener in concert, or I can hear Kiss Me A Lot as triumphant introduction to the night:
Also hoping for Speedway as a closer ‐ those drums, those lyrics and the vocal delivery, immense:
An unlikely wild card song I would love to hear is Jack The Ripper, as I've just rediscovered/remembered how powerful it is, and how much stronger it sounds performed live:
Morrissey fever is apace. I'm reflecting a lot on certain periods of my life: unavoidably, because he helped define swathes of my life, and connected me to many people, ideas and things. I'm also reading a load of old interviews compiled in book form. I've ordered his new novel from the library, and they are going to buy it in which is brilliant.

More thoughts to follow later, I think.

  (*in the nonreligious, literal sense.)

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